East London Street

3rd single from 'Dawn Chorus' album.

An edit of the full track, plus 'Drums Only' and 'No Drums' versions.



Early Influences Mixtape

If I could have made a mixtape years ago like the ones I've been making more recently,

it would probably have sounded a bit like this

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Hidden Orchestra is an imagined orchestra created by composer/producer Joe Acheson


Currently based in Brighton (UK)


The releases feature a wide variety of guest musicians from different musical backgrounds, recorded separately, and combined by Joe in his studio to create an 'imaginary orchestra' that doesn't really exist.

Dark orchestral textures, with field recordings, bass, and layers of drums and percussion.


Live Band


Joe Acheson - bass and electronics
Poppy Ackroyd - piano and violin
Jamie Graham - drums
Tim Lane - drums and trombone

Tom Lumen - live visuals
Phil Cardwell - trumpet
Su-a Lee - cello
Mary Macmaster - harps
Fraser Fifield - whistles and saxophone
Tomas Dvorak - clarinet
Jindrich Pavlis - clarinet

NA_01 final etching bkgrd chop cropgray 72ppi.jpg

live dates


NA_01 final etching bkgrd chop cropgray invert 72ppi.jpg


Complete Hidden Orchestra Playlist on Spotify, featuring all album tracks, b-sides, and remixes.