Sonic Woodland


For The Wonder Project at Kew Gardens' wild botanical garden at Wakehurst in Sussex, Joe Acheson has created a 40-minute piece which reflects the mycorrhizal symbiosis constantly taking place between trees and fungi, connected via the root systems underground.
The trees exchange carbon from photosynthesis in return for minerals and water stored underground - they are also able to use this network to communicate information and exchange nutrients between the trees themselves, in ways in which science is only beginning to understand.
Using a spatial sound system built by Tim Southorn, sounds appear in the canopy and move down into the ground, across and up into the branches of other trees in the glade. Call-and-answer melodies swirl around the space, as the trees perform duets over the ambient hum and bass drones of the mushrooms that slowly shift around the woodland floor.

The installation takes place in a woodland glade from 6.30-9.30pm on 26-29 July and 3-6 August 2018.
Visit the Kew Wakehurst site for tickets and info.

Out Now (January 26 2018). Track-by-track reworking of the entire Dawn Chorus album, featuring remixes by Nuage, Max Cooper, Floex, Throwing Snow, Matthew Herbert, Nostalgia 77, Wrongtom, The Physics House Band, and Hidden Orchestra...

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Hidden Orchestra is an imagined orchestra created by composer/producer Joe Acheson


Currently based in Brighton (UK)


The releases feature a wide variety of guest musicians from different musical backgrounds, recorded separately, and combined by Joe in his studio to create an 'imaginary orchestra' that doesn't really exist.

Dark orchestral textures, with field recordings, bass, and layers of drums and percussion.


Live Band


Joe Acheson - bass and electronics
Poppy Ackroyd - piano and violin
Jamie Graham - drums
Tim Lane - drums and trombone

Tom Lumen - live visuals
Phil Cardwell - trumpet
Su-a Lee - cello
Mary Macmaster - harps
Fraser Fifield - whistles and saxophone
Tomas Dvorak - clarinet
Jindrich Pavlis - clarinet

NA_01 final etching bkgrd chop cropgray 72ppi.jpg